“My daughter has struggled with fear, meet anxiety, and injury during her gymnastics career, and Doc Ali has been a huge help in keeping her on track and teaching her to manage the pressure and the wait time with injuries, both privately and in WebCamp. WebCamp is such a wonderful environment for the girls to share their struggles and their successes with other gymnasts who can relate to what they are going through. Privates are a great way to deal with specific fears or struggles that may be occurring, and she has taught my daughter to “find her voice” when it comes to talking to coaches about what is going on with her. Gymnastics is a tough sport, both physically and mentally and Doc Ali has taught her how to find what works for her in competition and practice that keeps her focused, and has her reaching her goals and finding success in competition. Thank you Ali and WebCamp for everything!”

- Sheila, gymnastics mom

“I like that Doc Ali and HeadGames teaches the kids that fears are normal and healthy. I feel that her goal is to teach them how to manage their fear. She does that by comparing the mind to a muscle. Tight mind = tight muscles. Loose mind = loose muscles. Athletes work hard to strengthen their muscles and they need to work equally as hard to strengthen their minds.”

- Caroline, gymnastics mom

“My Level 10 daughter competed in two events last weekend and I could see a big difference in her focus. She stuck her beam, series, dismount, and all! This was an amazing accomplishment for her since she was struggling the week prior to competition. Thank you so much!”

- DeAnn, gymnastics mom

“My daughter was sad dealing with her injury. Now she is back and looks awesome! Everyone is asking me and her how she is doing it and she keeps telling them to sign up for WebCamp! Great testimonial from a young, injured gymnast. Thank you for your program!”

- Heidi, gymnastics mom

“Dr. Alison Arnold and HeadGames have been working with my elite athletes for over 15 years and has based her teachings on the truths that she shares in her workbooks and WebCamp. She and her lessons have been like an assistant coach, encouraging us daily to maximize our unique abilities and to shine bright in our sport. Her work will help you become all that you were created to be. Many thanks for assisting so many gymnasts to find their dreams and go after them.”

– Mary Lee Tracy, coach of 1996 Gold Medal winning USA Gymnastics Team

“HeadGames’ website is full of motivational and positive materials for athletes. I purchased a CD that helped with mental visualization and overcoming fears. It was worth every penny! My athlete listened to the CD the first night, and I could see that she was very happy to have another “tool” to help her. I highly recommend any of HeadGames’ materials.”

– Kim, gymnastics mom

“Doc Ali, I wanted to let you know you have helped another gymmie (10 years old, level 7) and her mom! Last year, my daughter started having trouble with balking on her round-off, back handspring, back layout tumbling pass. Her coaches suggested I get your CD’s and workbook, which I did. After a painful five months, she slowly started tumbling again. For various reasons, I decided to move her to another gym. Imagine my surprise and delight to learn the new gym works with ALL the girls on your mental toughness program EVERY week, together, coaches and gymnasts! You know how important the mental aspect of the sport of gymnastics is. My daughter’s new coaches do, too, and they are willing to train her mentally as well as physically. Thank you for providing them the support for her to continue in and succeed in the sport she loves.”

– Gretchen, gymnastics mom

“Ali, first, I want to thank you. I am seeing a more confident Chelsey. It is so great to see that she is excited about the upcoming season! She even says that bars are one of her favorite events, where in the past it was the one that caused the most anxiety! We owe it to you and HeadGames. Thank you.”

– Tina, gymnastics mom

“My gym started working with Doc Ali and HeadGames around four years ago. At that time we had several fears and were not competing the way I knew we could. Through Skype sessions, we were able to give the girls what they needed to not only work through their fears, but even go further! We also took first in state as icing on the cake! Love the Skype sessions!”

- April, coach

“My daughter had read a bunch of books on mental blocks, but hadn’t been successful. Then I had her (I had to talk her into it at first) try WebCamp. She loved it, and after the first session was kicking me out of her bedroom so she could do it by herself! She’s now been in the program for eight months and I’ve never seen her happier, more confident, and throwing her skills. The best part is that I’m not nagging her anymore!”

- Rose, gymnastics mom

“From cracking under pressure to placing third at state, I can truly say WebCamp has been a transformative experience. When I began this journey, I often was very shaky and almost nauseous before saluting the judge. Now, I rely on the mental conditioning and unconditional support I have received from HeadGames throughout this past year to perform better than I ever have.”

- Athlete

“I was and still am able to see the continuous benefits of Dr. Ali and her team first-hand through my daughter. As a high-level athlete, I have watched her grow and leave her career on the peak she wanted. Today, she has just finished medical school and still implements the tools HeadGames provided her. The investment was well worth it, not only for her sports career, but because it helped her develop into the well-rounded, mindful individual she is today!”

- Parent of an athlete

“Since some of my athletes had been going individually to Dr. Ali for some time and coming back to practices displaying the benefits of their collaboration, my gym decided to partake in team Skype sessions with Dr. Ali. Our weekly meetings became some of the most productive times out of all the rotations! As we progressed through the weekly mental workouts, there was an increased sense of attention and emotional regulation, and a more supportive, goal-oriented environment. Thank you HeadGames, for all your help!”

- Gym owner

“I had very little knowledge of what sport psychology was when my daughter’s coach recommended it to her as she went through a tough time in the gym. Although drifting into an unknown field seemed daunting initially, Dr. Ali and her team could not have been more helpful and accommodating! They provided support where I could not. The mental choreography, resilience, and confidence that they helped my daughter to establish has paid off immensely.”

- Parent of an athlete

“The space Doc Ali and WebCamp provided me couldn’t have been more helpful. I was losing my love for my sport, there were issues with my coach, and I was trying to recover from an injury. Doc Ali’s insight, not only as a counselor but as a former gymnast, allowed for the productive and supportive working alliance I needed to recover and get back to the top of my game. The only regret you will have about Doc Ali and HeadGames is waiting as long as you did to get involved!”

- Athlete

“I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Doc Ali, her team, her Skype sessions, WebCamp, and her book, Scream and Run Naked. As a former gymnast, I relied on her invaluable techniques in numerous instances, such as trying to find my love of gymnastics again, to recovering from multiple injuries and surgeries, and dealing with coach conflict that greatly affected me mentally in the gym. Today, I am lucky enough to be interning with her and couldn’t be more fortunate to have a true inspiration as a mentor. Her book and grace still push me to be my best, even in life after sports.”

- Emily Murphy