About Us

The mind is the creator of all things. At HeadGames WebCamp we know that when you train your mind to be focused, positive, relentless, and joyful, amazing things happen. We believe in the power of the mind to raise you to unlimited potential. We also know this takes rigorous practice. The HeadGames WebCamp team is committed to helping you reach your goals. That’s what we do. We love to see you succeed. Plus, you have the support of hundreds of WebCamp warriors working by your side. We all are becoming better, together!

Alison Arnold (Doc Ali), PhD

Doc Ali pioneered mental training in the sport of gymnastics and has worked with virtually every level athlete in most sports.

For the past 28 years, Doc Ali has guided Olympic medalists, NCAA champions, and thousands of athletes chasing their dream. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology and certification in Neuroscience and Leadership from MIT. For 12 weeks she studied the mind with the masters in Nepal, spent four weeks in a Thai forest monastery, three weeks in the Amazon jungle in Peru, two weeks in silence integrating it all, and still made it back to teach it. 

She has coached celebrities and corporations – the likes of American Express, Boeing, and GlaxoSmithKline. Doc Ali is relentless about helping people reach their potential and their individual and organizational peak performance.

Alison Arnold is a consistently invited contributor to regional and national congresses, symposiums, and publications around the world.

Jennifer Roitman-Seamans, M.A.

Jen is a former gymnast from New York and competed at the collegiate level for the University of Vermont. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Jen works with athletes, parents and coaches and lives for that “a-ha” moment where mental and physical training meet to create greatness. Believing that sport lessons are life lessons, Jen is passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals. She currently lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two children.

Janae Whittaker Ali

Janae is the former captain of the Penn State University gymnastics team. After suffering a devastating career-ending injury her senior year, her perseverance lead to an award in her name for grit and attitude. Now a warrior for supporting athletes, she is bold, fun, and contagiously passionate. Her career highlights include: coach on NBC’s “Starting Over”; USA Gymnastics National Congress presenter; monthly writer for International Gymnast magazine; mental toughness coach to Olympic, professional, NCAA, and club athletes; and most importantly, being a blessed homeschooling mother of five.