Welcome to HeadGames WebCamp! Founded by Dr. Alison Arnold in 2007, WebCamp is one-of-a-kind, LIVE on-line mental toughness training for athletes. Week after week, we push through the biggest obstacles to peak performance in our sport. WebCamp keeps athletes aware of their mind-body connection throughout their season, off-season, and beyond. We teach athletes mental toughness tools to combat fear, frustration, and competition nerves in a fun, interactive, on-line group setting. Each session is taught by either Doc Ali or a qualified member of the HeadGames team.

We also offer four intensive Featured Camps each year where we focus on what athletes need at that point in their season. We’ve had thousands of athletes participate in our Featured Camps!

HeadGames WebCamp Focuses On:

Helping athletes gain confidence, consistency, focus, and perseverance
Teaching athletes tools to deal with fears and blocks
Tools to handle competition pressure of all kinds
Providing a community with athletes all over the world
Strengthening relationships between athletes, parents and coaches
Teaching skills that become invaluable in sport and life

WebCamp is a highly motivated, supportive team. Athletes learn mental toughness tools that will prove invaluable in sport and life. Join us!

If you are already a camper and need to join your session