$700.00 for 6 weeks

The Brainiacs will get you ready for competition!

$500.00 for 6 weeks for all your athletes

September 13-October 22 (Four session times to choose from each week or athletes can watch the recorded sessions at their convenience)

Competition is coming!

Imagine being able to turn on and off the parts of your mind, when and where you need it! Imagine being able to learn new skills faster and become more consistent, by flicking the right mental and biological switch. This revolutionary approach to mental training is what we’ve been developing. We are ready to share this powerful advantage with our athletes and coaches! We are on a quest to create the perfect performance state!

We’re all playing catch up for the 2021 season. This part of the year we’re building CONFIDENCE and CONSISTENCY. This camp will help us create AMAZING MENTAL STATES from the inside out! It will teach athletes how to utilize their breathing, brain and body language in order to activate and control the 6 major brain chemicals that help with feeling confident, excited, motivated, focused, relaxed, and reduce stress. It will help them put routines together, change bad habits, combat fear, and control emotions, and have fun doing it!


What an awesome power–the power to not depend on external circumstances to help us feel awesome, but to instead use our breathing, brain and body, to COMMAND the mental state we need at the moment. In this camp, athletes will be able to decide what chemicals they need to feel their best and create their own system in order to get there! They will never again need to fall down a negative or fear spiral, because they will have the tools they need to change their brain and turn around self-defeating states. They will learn to get out of victim thinking and regulate our “six Brainiac chemicals” with simple tools we’ve seen work for thousands of athletes.

In this six-week online Featured Camp athletes will:

  • Learn how to create perfect performance states from the inside out!
  • Develop habits and rituals that will help create consistency as we are putting routines together.
  • Learn how to control frustration, nerves, and fear by controlling biology.
  • Learn how neurochemicals cause us to feel specific ways and how to control them from the inside out.
  • Learn ways to take charge of our feelings instead of being victims to them.
  • Develop their own personal plan to change negative mental states and increase positive ones.
  • Learn about six basic neurotransmitters, how they effect the body and ways we can regulate their action through behavior.
  • Use neurochemicals to create perfect mental states in practice and take those habits to competition.
  • Enhance learning new skills and neuroplasticity or the ability for the brain to create new neural connections or habit loops.
  • And much more!
  • We continue to be nimble like a gymnast! If, for any reason, the state of COVID-19 effects our athletes, we’ll adjust content accordingly.

This program includes the Athlete Warrior Workbook ($40 value)

Athletes can attend whatever session each week that fits their schedule. Log-in together or individually!
Wednesday: 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT
Thursday: 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT
Thursday: 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT
Sunday: 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT
Can’t make a session? Watch the weekly recordings at your convenience.

Join Doc Ali, the HeadGames Team, and The Brainiacs! This precompetition mental training is exactly what athletes need at this point in the year.

The gym membership includes access for you and all of your athletes. You can log-in together in the gym or individually at home. Through our new, easy-to-use registration process, we provide session attendance in the coaches dashboard and make it simple to add team members. Or, participate all together, of course! You and your athletes will have one week after the camp ends to watch the recorded sessions.

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