Athlete Warrior™: Advanced Mental Training for the Advanced Athlete


Our most advanced mental training workbook for gymnasts and other athletes.

Athlete Warrior™ workbook has helped thousands of athletes overcome adversity over the years. There’s a reason it has been the basis for our WebCamp for over a decade.

The Athlete Warrior™ program, designed by Dr. Alison Arnold, (Doc Ali) is serious mental peak performance training for youth athletes. This is our most advanced mental training workbook. It is for the athlete who is ready to take their mental training to the next level. They should already be familiar with the idea of sport psychology and enjoy thinking “deep”. Mental training is no different than physical training. It takes time, commitment, and discipline. Too many athletes train an amazing amount of hours physically without ever attending to mental training. All fear, frustration, inconsistency, competition stress, discouragement, anxiety, and anger stems from out of control thinking. Out of control thinking leads to out of control performance. This workbook will help athletes discipline their minds just as they discipline their bodies. Mental training is not for “a weekend warrior”. It is for any athlete that is committed enough to be their very best.

The exercises in this workbook are aimed to help the athlete maintain correct mental technique or what we call “tight mind”. We define “tight mind” as “in the zone”; feeling confident, effortless, relaxed, excited, and focused. Disciplining the mind takes practice. Just as any athlete works on maintaining correct technique, pulling the body back to perfection when it is off, disciplining the mind takes the same pain-staking effort.

Athlete Warrior is for an athlete that can think deep and is 100% committed to mental training. The foundation of this workbook is Eastern philosophical mind training, psychological principles, neuroscience, and sport psychological principles. It will not only change an athlete’s sport, but change the way they look at life.

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