Head Games Visualization CD-Gymnastics


We all know that what you think is what you do. These three “mental adventures” will help the gymnast perform with more confidence and consistency, by overcoming fear and doubt. Each visualization has a separate theme that targets a unique aspect of women’s gymnastics. The original music by Steve Olenski takes the athlete on a mental adventure that is magical and fun, as well as helpful. This CD can be used as an exercise in the gym, nightly before bed, on planes, in hotels, during a time of struggle; or anytime the athlete needs for feel more confident or relaxed.

Adventure Number 1: The Messenger (building confidence) – Time: 23 minutes
This visualization is a journey building self-confidence, belief, and trust. During this adventure the athlete creates a safe place, meets a messenger, and receives a message of inspiration. This guided imagery adventure, taps into the unconscious providing a wealth of information to be used for action.

Adventure Number 2: The One-Point (overcoming fear and doubt) – Time: 17 minutes
In this exercise, the gymnast learns how to break through negative thinking by focusing on her “one-point”, recognizing fear producing thoughts, and developing her ability to change her inner dialogue. She learns how to work with “beast” thoughts and come “home” to her ideal vision of the athlete she wants to be.

Adventure Number 3: The Statement (competition preparation) – Time: 27 minutes
This pre-competition adventure helps the athlete prepare for the stress and pressure of gymnastics competition. In this exercise, she learns how to deal with anxiety, and use it to her advantage. She also desensitizes herself to a meet situation by visualizing each event, including waiting for her turn to compete. This mental adventure will help her prepare to compete her best.

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