FEAR – Tame the Beast 2.0: Fear-Busting Tools for the Busy Athlete


Doc Ali’s tools for battling fear in formats athletes want to use.

In my 28 years as a pioneer of peak performance, mental toughness training, I have learned that my athletes are BUSY! I've taken some of my most effective mental tools and distilled them down into perhaps the simplest, most comprehensive mental program for the athlete who wants to go all out. The free preview module is a bit longer because it's the intro. But the rest of them are four minutes or less. You or your athlete can work that in, right?

The six weeks of videos and/or audio files can be reviewed streaming anywhere. Download the free iOS compatible Teachable app to view or listen offline.

I've included written PDF files for those who want a deeper dive.

Also included are reminder wallpaper backgrounds for you to use on your phone, tablet, or computer to remind you to stay vigilant in your Fear Beast battle.

Athletes can review the tools in sequence or, after delivery, revisit them individually whenever they need a reboot. There are 17 modules in all and one for the parents.

Throughout the program, I encourage athletes to reach out to me directly to let me know how they are doing and if they have any questions.

I Will Teach Athletes How To:

  • Develop a foundation for the kind of athlete they want to be
  • Become aware of their positive and negative thoughts
  • Develop Mental Choreography to anchor the mind
  • Trick the brain and program it to develop skills outside of the gym
  • Develop habits to make skills more automatic
  • Build their confidence using physical reminders
  • Silence and turn around negative thinking QUICKLY
  • Ignore fear that is holding back skills that their coaches say they are ready for
  • Battle nervousness that "pops up" before competition or whenever!
  • Minimize Fear of Failure
  • Minimize comparison to others, over-thinking, and external stressors
  • Learn from their fear. What is it teaching them about life?
  • Get out of FEAR and into JOY
  • Give their gift to themselves, their team, and the world

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