Doc Ali’s Tight Mind Tool Deck


51 simple tools for gymnasts to build an unshakeable mind

by Alison Arnold, Ph.D.

This is like having a mental breakthrough in your pocket! But don’t let the small size fool you. The Tight Mind Tool Deck is a fun, effective, easy-to-use system for improving a gymnast’s mental toughness in every aspect of their sport. Developed by Dr. Alison Arnold (Doc Ali), a peak performance coach for USA Gymnastics since 1997 and several of the top NCAA teams, each tool is an element of an unshakeable mind. Designed to be used by individual gymnasts or entire teams, these 51 tools will work seamlessly into programs for all ages and abilities. Used regularly, the Tight Mind Tool Deck can help improve focus, discipline, teamwork, attitude and intensity when it counts. It's convenient size slips easily into a gym bag or hangs from a bar during workout by it’s chain.

Card Topics Include:

Confidence, Being Relentless, Discipline, Making Routines Robotic, Strength, Desire, Dedication, Sacrifice, Leadership, Fearlessness, Intensity, Service, Gratitude, Focus, Being Fierce, Being Peaceful, Having Fun, Optimism, Being Ready, Being, Commanding, Trust, Belief, Being Responsible, Being Bold, Making it Effortless, Being Committed, Being Coachable, Positivity, Consistency, Communication, FIGHT, Happiness, Dreams, Determination, Being a Role Model, Having a Tight Mind, Toughness, Zen, Eagerness, Awareness, Synergy, Bravery, Health, Inspiration, Breathing, Being Unstoppable, Being In The Flow, Precision, Intention, Vision, Blessings

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