$700.00 for 6 weeks

Let’s gain the competitive mental edge, together!

January 17-February 25: Six Weeks. (Three session times to choose from each week or athletes can watch the recorded sessions at their convenience.)

Competition season is almost here! Walk in confident with a competitive mental edge. Normally, many athletes feel pressure, doubt, and nerves as competition season approaches. This season, with limited training due to COVID-19, negative thoughts are at their highest levels I’ve ever seen! Crush it in Competition Camp is where gymnasts will learn healthy mental tools to help them push doubt aside and crush when the pressure is at it's highest. And it’s going to be a blast! This is the next step in our yearly Featured Camps that moves us right to the competition floor.

In this mental toughness camp, athletes will learn tools to help them:

• Deal with nervousness stemming from lack of preparation time due to COVID-19.
• Handle self-doubt as competition season approaches.
• Deal with pressure and use pressure as fuel.
• Regulate emotions both in and out of the gym.
• Develop routines and rituals that increase consistency in practice and take it into competition.
• Recover quickly from mistakes in practice and competition.
• Identify how to work with the controllables and let go of the uncontrollables.
• Get into a Competition Bubble to perform their best!
And much more!

Athletes can attend whatever session each week that fits their schedule. Log-in together or individually!
Wednesday: 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT
Thursday: 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT
Sunday: 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT
Can’t make a session? Watch the weekly recordings at your convenience.

Join Doc Ali, the HeadGames Team, and hundreds of athletes working together to crush it in competition!

The gym membership includes access for you and all of your athletes. You can log-in together in the gym or individually at home. We provide session attendance in the coaches dashboard. You and your athletes will have one week after the camp ends to watch the recorded sessions.

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