Navigating HeadGames

User Dashboard
Our HeadGames User Dashboard allows you to manage your memberships, downloads, teams, profile, and account information from one centralized location. The Dashboard also allows you to enter Webcamp sessions, view past camp recordings, and upcoming sessions. 

    Ways to Login

  1. Account: Click “Account” on the top-right corner of our website
  2. Log In To WebCamp: Click “Log In to WebCamp” on the top-left corner of our website
  3. Homepage: Scroll till you see one of the three buttons labeled “Login to WebCamp” or “Log-In Now”
  4. Link: Access My Dashboard ›

Account Information
To view or edit your account information, navigate to the user dashboard. From here, select “My Profile.” You will be able to view and edit information such as your orders, address, payment method, edit account, and subscriptions.

Enter a Session
To enter a HeadGames Webcamp session, or Featured Camp session, please navigate to your dashboard. On the Main Dashboard page, there will be a section titled “Headgames WebCamp: Head over to the HeadGames WebCamp room.” Click on the button saying, “Enter WebCamp.” It will then prompt you to sign in. Enter WebCamp ›

View a Recording
From the account dashboard, you will see a selection of past and upcoming sessions. To view a past session, simply locate the session you wish to watch and click the session.

Download Materials
Your membership includes all the necessary materials, including The Athlete Warrior Workbook, for your Webcamp journey. To access these materials, please follow these steps: Account Dashboard → My Downloads → select the item you wish to download. Download Materials ›

After purchasing a Gym Membership, you will be able to create and manage your gym team through the dashboard. From the dashboard, select “Teams.” Here you will be able to view all of the teams you have created. To manage a specific team, select “View.” This will allow you to view and edit your team members, add members, and view and edit your team settings.

To add a team member, select the “Add Member” options. You will then copy the link and send it to those you wish to be a part of your team. View My Teams ›