Battle fear, mental blocks, and balks, and support your athlete for peak performance, in the gym and at home.

You will receive a printed gift box containing two gift cards that give you and your athlete access to FEAR–TAME THE BEAST 2.0 and ParentZone at Simply register and you will begin battling fear, mental blocks, and balks and supporting your athlete for peak performance!


FEAR. It’s one of the most frustrating things for coaches, athletes and parents! One day you can do the skill the next day you can’t, or you KNOW you can do it but your body won’t let you go. How can you beat this fear beast once and for all?

I have taken 28 years of peak performance mental training in gymnastics and distilled it down into the easiest set of tools possible. Short. Powerful. Simple. These hard-hitting tools are designed to beat fears, mental blocks, and balks in the shortest amount of time, in a format that athletes can handle.Although this is a course, it is made of individual tools that can be used immediately in the gym and at home.

Each segment is four minutes or less so that busy athletes can fit it into their busy lives. You or your athlete can work that in, right? The free preview module is a bit longer because it’s the intro.

Although this is a course, it is made of individual tools that can be used immediately in the gym and at home. The six weeks of videos and/or audio files can be reviewed streaming anywhere. Download the free iOS compatible Teachable app to view or listen offline.

For six weeks, links to these tools will be emailed to you. They can be watched streaming online, or you can download them to the free Teachable app (iOS compatible) to take with you in the car, gym, or anywhere! In addition, mp3 audio files will be provided for even more flexibility. I’ve included written PDF files for those who want a deeper dive. Also included are reminder wallpaper backgrounds for you to use on your phone, tablet, or computer to remind you to stay vigilant in your Fear Beast battle.

Athletes can review the tools in sequence or, after delivery, revisit them individually whenever they need a reboot. There are 17 modules in all and one for you parents!

Throughout the program, I encourage athletes to reach out to me directly to let me know how they are doing and if they have any questions.


• Develop a foundation for the kind of athlete they want to be
• Become aware of their positive and negative thoughts
• Develop Mental Choreography to anchor the mind
• Trick the brain and program it to develop skills outside of the gym
• Develop habits to make skills more automatic
• Build their confidence using physical reminders
• Silence and turn around negative thinking QUICKLY
• Ignore fear that is holding back skills that their coaches say they are ready for
• Battle nervousness that “pops up” before competition or whenever!
• Minimize Fear of Failure
• Minimize comparison to others, over-thinking, and external stressors
• Learn from their fear. What is it teaching them about life?
• Get out of FEAR and into JOY
• Give their gift to themselves, their team, and the world



About ParentZone

ParentZone is designed for parents of athletes, in any sport. It will help them support their athletes by becoming an essential, supportive member of their team. Not only will it encourage peak performance but it will strengthen the relationship in the home.

As parents or guardians of athletes it is often difficult to decide what is the best way of supporting them outside of the gym. “What do I say? Should I be hard on them? Should I give unsolicited advice? Should I not say anything? Am I messing up my kid?!”

These tools are a culmination of my decades working with athletes and their parents to achieve peak performance. It is no surprise that the healthiest and happiest athletes perform the best and are willing to put in the work. That always starts at home. We want to create a harmonious environment where the communication remains clear, the athletes can excel at their sport, and they feel loved.

You will receive ten useful tools that you can put into immediate practice with your athlete. Work them at your own pace and refer to them when ever you need a refresher. There are video or audio files in each module – do whichever works for you. You can download the free Teachable app to listen or watch anywhere on your IOS device

I know that all of our lives are busy so I’ve worked hard to keep these as concise as possible to help guarantee that you will work them. These are tools that you can put into practice immediately!

Join me in the PARENTZONE.

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