Learn mental skills that crush when it counts and support your athlete for peak performance.

You will receive a printed gift box containing two gift cards that give you and your athlete access to Competition Bubble and ParentZone at Simply register and you will begin getting focused and fierce, working competition-specific mental tools that will help you crush it!

Someone is always gaining the competitive edge. Is it you? 

About Competition Bubble

But it’s not all about winning–it is about doing your best. Winning feels great, but knowing that you gave it your all, builds character. Maybe you train your best, only to have it fall apart at competition. Maybe you only needed a fraction of a point to bring home the championship. How frustrating is that? If you are not training your mind specifically for competition, something is missing.

Competition Bubble is based on decades of working with thousands of athletes, some at the highest levels of sports. How is training your mind to perform in competition different than practice? One word: Intensity. Perhaps you are nervous about competing because you’ve had so much time off during COVID. Or maybe you are stressed about your routines coming together and not being consistent. Or maybe you are watching all your hard work in the gym, not pay off at a meet and you are looking to tighten it up for the next one.

But how can you possibly fit one more thing into your schedule? CompetitionBubble delivers all at once and can be worked at your own pace. I have crafted each tool module into short, 3-5 minute videos, audios, or PDFs (your choice), to fit into athlete's busy lives. Many of the skills and drills will dovetail in with the workouts you are already doing. And if you download the free iOS Teachable app, you can review them anytime, anywhere.

This is the first program of it’s kind focused only on competition, leaving you free to do your best, have fun doing it, and increase your chance of success.

These tools help athletes:

• Find or rediscover the joy in competing
• “Rewire” the brain by creating new, positive neural pathways to make practice feel like competition and competition feel like practice
• Learn how to use stress and pressure as peak performance fuel
• Learn how to focus when the lights are on you
• Learn how to build competition-specific confidence
• Make your routines more automatic, without overthinking
• Turn around negative thoughts fast so they don’t interfere
• Learn how to lighten your mind to unleash from the pressure beast
• Learn mental drills to practice your new skills, under pressure
• Release yourself from the outcome, scores, places, and approval
and much more.

I've also included a module for you parents to help you help your athlete in a healthy, supportive way!

Join me in Competition Bubble to learn the tools that will help you hit in competition and life.


About ParentZone

ParentZone is designed for parents of athletes, in any sport. It will help them support their athletes by becoming an essential, supportive member of their team. Not only will it encourage peak performance but it will strengthen the relationship in the home.

As parents or guardians of athletes it is often difficult to decide what is the best way of supporting them outside of the gym. “What do I say? Should I be hard on them? Should I give unsolicited advice? Should I not say anything? Am I messing up my kid?!”

These tools are a culmination of my decades working with athletes and their parents to achieve peak performance. It is no surprise that the healthiest and happiest athletes perform the best and are willing to put in the work. That always starts at home. We want to create a harmonious environment where the communication remains clear, the athletes can excel at their sport, and they feel loved.

You will receive ten useful tools that you can put into immediate practice with your athlete. Work them at your own pace and refer to them when ever you need a refresher. There are video or audio files in each module – do whichever works for you. You can download the free Teachable app to listen or watch anywhere on your IOS device

I know that all of our lives are busy so I've worked hard to keep these as concise as possible to help guarantee that you will work them. These are tools that you can put into practice immediately!


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