Sara Robinson, M.A.

    Sara Robinson is a former competitive gymnast. At the start of high school, her passion for performing at meets shifted to a different type of performance: theater and dance. After receiving her B.F.A. from New York University she returned to California to pursue her Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology, allowing her to return to working in sport and performance. Sara also teaches in the Master’s Program in Sport Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, helping to train future professionals. She is energetic and passionate about helping those she works with become more mentally tough.

     Her highlights as a Mental Toughness Trainer:

    • Worked with hundreds of gymnasts and cheerleaders helping them to improve their mental game.
    • Presented at the Performance Psychology Conference in San Diego, CA on helping gymnasts and cheerleaders work through fear.
    • Featured on Voice of the Box radio show and Who are You? The Life Lessons of Sports podcast.
    • Regular contributor to SportingKid Magazine.

    She resides in the Bay Area, California with her wonderful husband and young sons. They enjoy taking advantage of the great weather and visiting the many kid-friendly museums, parks, and events that the Bay Area has to offer. When she’s not working, Sara and her sons can often be found coloring, baking, playing with cars and having dance parties at home.