Alison Arnold, Ph.D.

    Alison Arnold Ph.D. (Doc Ali) has been the peak performance consultant to USA Women's Gymnastics since 1997. She has worked with US Figure Skating, Australia’s Ski Team, The Boeing Company, American Express and over 15 NCAA teams.  She has trained the minds of athletes all over the world helping them become more courageous, relentless, and inspired.  She has had the honor of working with Olympic Champions, NCAA Champions, and thousands of other athletes chasing a dream. She is the author of The Athlete Warrior: Advanced Mental Training for the Advanced Athlete, FEAR-Tame the Beast, and The Leadership Warrior A-Z. She is the creator of Headgames Web Camp, the first on-line mental toughness training program for athletes. She was always motivated by Eastern philosophy and spent 12 weeks studying the mind with the Masters in Nepal, 4 weeks in a Thai forest monastery, 3 weeks in the Amazon jungle in Peru, 2 weeks in silence integrating it all, and still made it back to tell about it. 

    She works on taming her own monkey-mind and living big with her husband Jesse, and son, Max.