Jennifer Roitman-Seamans, M.A.

    Jen has been part of the Head Games team since 2000. She is a former competitive gymnast from New York and competed at the collegiate level for the University of Vermont. Jen has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UVM as well as a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a Counseling focus from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology. 

    Always the “mental” gymnast, Jen dealt with her fair share of fears and competition nerves. After suffering a severe injury that left her fighting to get back to the sport she loved, Jen realized that she wanted to be able to help other athletes to truly enjoy their sport and learn what it takes to help them get out of their own way to be the best they could be. Jen’s 20+ years at various levels of sport has led her to believe that the lessons we must master in order to achieve excellence in sport are identical to the lessons we must master to achieve excellence in life. She works with athletes, parents and coaches nationwide and lives for that “a-ha” moment where mental and physical training meet to create greatness. Jen also has a passion working with athletes in transition from the “sport world” to the “real world”. Jen currently resides in New Hampshire with her husband Paul and their children Andrew and Emma.

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